Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Eccentric Style of Jonathan Adler

While I'm on an Adler blogroll, here's some more of his eclectic designs, or what I like to call "glam kitsch". I think what I like most about the way he designs is his ability to to blend all the styles I love: vintage, modern, glam, a bit of baroque, and make it work beautifully.

(I need to credit Jennifer Perkins at The Naughty Secretary Club for this little photo collage she did for her post on vintage and Adler style's not my work, but I just loved it!)

And I found this really cute bedroom from The Vintage Laundress's photostream. I honestly thought Jonathan Adler did this himself but it was her work. She used 3-inch painter's tape on the walls to create this Adler inspired bedroom. And I think she did a beautiful job!)

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