Saturday, September 5, 2009

Glamorous Bedrooms

Thought I'd share with you a few glamorous bedrooms I found as inspiration for my bedroom.

Pale blue and beige rooms create a calm and relaxing atmosphere:
This circle mirror gave me an idea for a DIY project:
Purple and lavender rooms mix well with touches of light grey and pale blue. These rooms were accessorized with black furnishings:
Black, white and yellow rooms look chic and sophisticated:
Neutral with pops of red and purple:
Warm wall colors cozy up these spaces:

Over the top Glam. This room is fit for a royal princess:

Photo credits: Decor Pad and HGTV


Nicolette said...

These designs are beyond sophisticated. They challenge the boundary of design layouts, and create very glamorous looks.

Unknown said...

The lavender rooms are very beautiful! If I had the money, and the time to redecorate I would do it as elegant as these rooms are! The only problem that I really have with a room is if the Interior doors don't match with the room. I know the easy solution would be to paint them, but that's only easy if the doors are cheap. I'd have to buy a new doors so it wouldn't drive me crazy. For instance, if I wanted to redecorate so my room was more victorian style, it would drive me crazy that my doors didn't carry on that look of the room. Just me or do other people feel the same way?

Jenna @ Mi Vida Bonita said...

Great inspiration. You can never go wrong with GLAM. Loves it.


Amy Singleton said...

I think the key to any well designed room is space utilization. These rooms use space very well and are so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Hi you do product reviews?

M said...

Great blog you've got here; just discovered it. Love the "Glamorous Bedrooms" write-up. Opulent is the only word for it!

Would love to see you at my own blog if you get the chance.

Greetings from Europe,

Susan H said...

Beautiful photos! Very inspiring...
I love the first few photos with the light blues, silvers and whites. Those looks are timeless!