Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's New at Style Niche

Check out what's new at style Niche! Besides an all new design, I've created some new (and tweaked some old) content to enhance your design search and made an easier way to get around the site. I'll be including links to old and new pages including Inspiration Rooms, Design and Fashion Boards, and easier access to my secondary blog, Rooms by Color, which seems to be pretty popular. You'll also find a new Monday section, "Things I ♥", which will include must have products and some favorite things. I've also included a way to contact me with questions and comments, as they sometimes become hard to track. Also at the top of the page, are links to my favorite places to shop, and favorite blogs.

You can find some of these links at the new navigation bar at the very tippy top of the page, and along the side of the page as well. It's still work in progress, so bear with me :) My goal is to make it easier for you to view the content you want. Any additional ideas are welcomed and appreciated, just send me a line. Please come back often, and enjoy! ♥

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